Poiibot stats on Discord Bot List


-beep: Replies with "Boop!"

-bird: Sends a random picture of a bird!

-neko: Nekos!

-f: Press F to pay respects

-rate: Gives the item you specify a rating out of 10!

-ship: Ships two users together.

-waifu: Responds with a randomly generated waifu and backstory.


-help: Displays a list of available commands, or detailed information for a specified command.

-prefix: Shows or sets the command prefix.

-ping: Checks the bot's ping to the Discord server.

-eval: Executes JavaScript code.

-avatar: Shows the avatar of the specified user or yourself!

-league: Responds with information on a League of Legends champion.

-npm: Responds with information on an NPM package.

-server: Responds with detailed information on the server.

-user: Responds with detailed information on a user.


-ban: Bans the given user and DMs them the reason!

-kick: Kicks the given user and DMs them the reason!

-lockdown: Prevents users from posting in the current channel!

-prune: Deletes up to 99 messages from the current channel.


-distracted: Draws three user's avatars over the "Distracted Boyfriend" meme.

-fusion: Draws a a user's avatar over a user's avatar.

-retarded: A cute(???) little dog???

-rip: Draws a user's avatar over a gravestone.

-triggered: Draws a user's avatar over the "Triggered" meme.


-botinfo: Shows some information about the running instance!

-support-ticket: p!ticket to send a ticket to PoiiBot support server.

-supportserver: Will provide an invite link to PoiiBots support server!

-welcome: How to set-up the welcome image for your guild!


-cosplay: random NSFW cosplay pictures

-gelbooru: can custom search with p!gelbooru [search]

-yandere: can custom search with p!yandere [search]

More to come!

Commands are always subject to change on a day-to-day basis.

If you have suggestions, feel free to visit my Support Server